Voice Over Notes

Different type of voices(tone):

1. High Energy

2. Good Energy

3. Guy/Girl next door

4. Subdued

5. Monotone

As a do it your self script writer you have to edit, edit, edit and revise, revise revise.


1. Who are you talking to ?( one person)

2. Hand gestures

3. character

Audacity Recording Software

⁃ Cardioid mic

⁃ Blue Yeti mic example

Podcast changing career – difficulty 6 months challenge

Personal note on myself:

Focus for longer periods of time on writing and reading, you will advance rather quickly. Go to put your mind into something. Make a habit.

You have to be the champ before you become the champ. You have to have the lifestyle of the champ before you become the champ. Mike Tyson

I have top build relationships with hotel administrator and owners.

Read voice(over) practice

With attention and focus.

You got to work like a big opportunity is around the corner. Is closer than you think all of you dreams ( Health, Family/ Friends and Financial Freedom)

Read and work more!

Keep doing the reps( practice) it will come. It’s about building habits


1 minute for 5 spots (15 seconds each) That’s around 40 45 words ( new current)


Voices 123




Create gigs on (fiver)

Better copy for my facebook ads

I would describe my voice as a voice a grandmother is going to enjoy . It’s funny because it’s true.


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